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July 13th 2023

World action poetic and pedagogical to mark the inaugural day of the 1st WPM Congress in order to call the attention of the world governments about the urgent need to act judiciously to protect the life, dignity, justice, and freedom of the people as a means of realizing the dream of world peace.

The first Congress of the World Poetry Movement is an unprecedented opportunity to gather as a global community, share our diverse perspectives, and celebrate the profound impact of poetry on our lives and societies. It is a time for reflection, collaboration, and the forging of lasting connections that will shape the future of humanity, by realizing the transformative power of poetry.

Fabricio Estrada

April-May 2022

As long as the world does not find a clear path, and does not make a decision based on fair and balanced arguments to solve its current serious problems, the tensions to which we are subjected every day will continue to affect our confidence in the human future.

The World Poetry Movement notes with great concern the complex situation on the borders between Ukraine and Russia, between Colombia and Venezuela, among various complex political circumstances, the continuing migratory flows that lead thousands of men and women to continue living in a land without a homeland…

He was both tough and tender. He thought that every human being could be a poet and was entitled to express dreams of beauty and a desire for fraternity. With his words full of passion, empathy, and humor, he fought on the front lines of love and hope.

During October 2021, poetry readings were held in many countries in his honor and gratitude to his vibrant and creative passage through the world, a salute to his revolutionary work.

On June 7th and 8th, WPM carried out a global poetic activity in solidarity with the struggle of the peoples of Colombia and Palestine. The Coordination Committee called all the members of the Movement to send a poem or song, with a short greeting.

More than 250 poets and artists of 75 countries sent videos with poems in solidarity with the struggles of the Palestinian and Colombian peoples.

To send on the message of the importance of the struggle for Creative Freedom for Poets in all countries of the world.

Also we celebrate the anniversary of the start of the space race, a happy milestone of this poetic dream of mankind was the first flight into the cosmos piloted by Yuri Gagarin. The dream of humanity is the dream of the stars, of inhabiting the deep skies beyond our planet.

For the universal right to all cultural goods, we will fight, brothers and sisters. For the differences that unite us we will spread Red Carnations to all the Countries of the World in the name of freedom and against all types of fascism.

Since immemorial times human beings were imbued with a sense of justice, consciousness and the right to life as uppermost values that make up the principles of human rights. 
If the poetry has its place among the main paths of self expression of mankind, it should be indispensable to underline the kindred relationship  between the poetry and peace.

Poetry can break down those walls that separate people by gender, religion, race, place of origin, age, social class or nationality. Because poetry, when it speaks the language of simple people, is able to raise the masses.

It’s time to end the privatization of property and transform the corporations into public institutions distributing commodities to human beings according to their needs.

One of the main reason of the hatred to the “other” from the ancient times to these days, as well as the ignorance on the every human being’s uniqueness s and the lack of the moral values, is surely the covetous aims or subconscious instincts towards the exploitation and plundering of these “others”…

A world scourged by violence, iniquity, cannot expect from its poets and artists anything less than forceful action deploying the best of the human spirit vis-à-vis the inexorable fate which the powerful of the Earth want to impose on us as humankind’s sole destiny.

One million refugees have entered Germany from the Middle East, Kosovo and Albania; 180,000 have entered Sweden and nearly 100,000 people have fled to Austria. They are fleeing from war, NATO bombers, despair, angst, death. Human beings flee from inhuman beings.

Bloody gold is more valuable than water, glaciers and moors are destroyed to obtain it, drying up the subterranean water sources and natural reserves on the planet. The success of chaos goes hand in hand with the slaughter of innocents.

The resonance of three great poets to spiritually guide the Month of Maydays: the Greek poet Yannis Ritsos, the Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet, who spent 26 in prison for his poetic and political beliefs; and Roque Dalton, the majestic El Salvadorian poet.

Hundreds of millions of people have died over 60 centuries of civilization due to the brutal hand of war. Regarding this, Dylan Thomas wrote: “The hand that signed the paper felled a city;/ Five sovereign fingers taxed the breath,/ Doubled the globe of dead”.

For provide the basic necessities of life.

On Earth survive 1.300 million of absolute poverty, according to the World Bank.
One of eight human beings in the world goes to bed every night without eating.
Over 60 % of the world population suffers malnourishment.

More than 200 poetry readings and art activities.

They was held in 117 cities from 63 countries, as an expression of solidarity with the peace talks between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), being carried out in Havana.

His poetry is emblematic of the American telluric.

The humanity of the poet Pablo Neruda was the testimony of a dream in action, of an active utopia that did not rest a single day of his public and private life, he was at the forefront, defending life through thedignified, universal voice of his poetry, always changing, always moving and attentive to the vicissitudes of everyday life.

Their activism and literary works confronted the contradictions of an unequal and unjust world system and developed a new understanding of their society and the world in order to establish a concrete and universal humanism.

Towards The Great New Times.

There’s a poem being written by the people of the world” and it is filled with cries for justice and real democracy, with all the aspects of life—-from the economic to the ecological—that were part of the very formation of the WPM itself, simply because they are part of the fabric of people’s yearnings everywhere.

In conjunction with 100,000 Poets for Change.

It was about celebrating the deep symbolism embodied in this new world poetry action, where essential forces come together and which has an impact on the heart of the human history – a history that seems still to go against the grain of life itself.

Poetic Actions

The World Poetry Movement brings together the world’s poets and artists to gather and participate in celebratory and formative actions around poetry, called poetic actions. It also promotes solidarity actions with global movements in favor of causes that fight for social, environmental and mental ecology, respect for cultural diversity, full inclusion and social transformation. 

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