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¿What is WPM?

World Poetry Movement is a coordination of organisations and poets: international poetry festivals, educational projects and poetry publishers, and more than 2,000 poets from 150 nations on all continents.

WPM is a confluence of organisations, projects and creators of poetry in the world, it is a movement without borders that seeks cooperation, exchange and the fusion of simultaneous poetic activities in the world, for humanist causes that bring us closer and bring us closer to contribute to promote a greater influence of the language of poetry in the human spirit.

WPM invites to coordinate actions to give effectiveness and permanence to the conjunction of international and local projects in all continents, projected towards a multicultural humanity, acting in a synchronized way, through actions whose axis is the social projection of poetic expression.

Our Work


Congregational and celebratory dimension (International Poetry Festivals and other projects promoting reunion.


Educational dimension (Poetry Schools with their courses, workshops, panels, conferences and pedagogical projects for poetry).


Communications projects and dissemination of poetry (editorial and digital publications).


  • 1

    To act from poetry towards the peoples, in every continent, in every country, to vigorously help in the conquest of peace with social justice and the cultural, social and political transformations that are required.

  • 2

    To extend the influence and presence of the International Poetry Festivals that constitute the World Poetry Movement and to expand the influence of poetry in all social classes, through a growing intervention in the life of cities and villages, with a work directed especially to young people, teenagers and children.

  • 3

    To employ the media on a large scale to expand the spirit of poetry and a just and luminous vision of the human future.

  • 4

    Strengthen and establish pedagogical processes based on Poetry Schools and Poetry Workshops.

  • 5

    Organise poetry readings, talks, conferences, film cycles on the theme of poetry and social change, in social and popular organisations in the city and the countryside, highlighting environmental objectives, the defence of cultural rights and the struggle for peace and social transformation in our countries.

  • 6

    Encourage the exchange of information to raise the aesthetic quality of the festivals that make up the World Poetry Movement.