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¿What is WPM?

World Poetry Movement is a coordination of organizations and poets: international poetry festivals, educational projects and poetry publishing houses, and more than 2,000 poets from 150 nations on all continents.

The World Poetry Movement promotes poetry as an essential form of expression and communication for humanity. Poetry is an art form and a tool for social and cultural transformation.

The World Poetry Movement encourages cooperation among poets worldwide, who share their cultural perspectives and experiences through poetry. The movement advocates for freedom of expression and human rights, which are fundamental for the protection of poets and their work. In an increasingly divided world, poetry and the voices of poets create a global connection and promote peace, unity, and mutual understanding.

Mision, Vision, Principles

  • Mision

    It is to promote poetry, cultural diversity, and dialogue among cultures worldwide. This international organization aims to foster the creativity and artistic expression of poets from around the world and connect them with a global audience through various poetry-related activities and events.

  • Mision

    Furthermore, it strives to work in collaboration with other organizations and communities, promoting the value of poetry and its ability to contribute to peace, social justice, and solidarity on a regional and global scale.

  • Vision

    The World Poetry Movement aims to become a planetary organization with headquarters and coordinations in every country, bringing poetry to all corners of the Earth, nurturing the spiritual unity of individuals and peoples, in a constant effort to achieve global peace and full freedom of expression.

  • Principles

    Freedom of expression: The organization upholds freedom of expression and creation.

    Cultural diversity: The organization celebrates cultural diversity and the richness of poetic expression in all languages and cultures around the world.

  • Principles

    Work for world peace, creative dialogue, and the reconstruction of the human spirit: The World Poetry Movement supports the promotion of world peace, intercultural dialogue, and the healing and strengthening of the human spirit towards its highest goals, through poetry as a creative language, a source of awareness, and a transformative force in reality.

  • Principles

    Defense of nature: WPM stands in solidarity with the struggles of indigenous peoples and organizations fighting for the conservation of biodiversity, protection of aquatic ecosystems and water reserves, reforestation of the planet, and the preservation of oxygen and promotion of renewable energy sources.

  • Principles

    Respect for human rights: The organization advocates for respect for human rights, especially cultural rights and the dignity of life, lifting poetry as a means for reflection, criticism, and social transformation.

  • Principles

    Sustainability and social commitment: The organization promotes poetry as a means to raise awareness in society about global challenges and to foster responsible social commitment that prioritizes sustainability.

  • Principles

    The World Poetry Movement is governed by internal democracy and respects plural opinions expressed within it, in the struggle against fascism and social, political, economic, and cultural exclusion. It promotes full inclusion, cultural and linguistic diversity, and fair gender policies.


    Lines of our work

    Poetic Actions

    To reach out to the common people in public and indoor spaces. Promoting the exchange of experiences.

    Pedagogical Project

    Implementation of the World Poetry School, critical, dialogical, based on humanistic values.

    Editorial Project and Translations

    Publishing materials to disseminate the poetic work of members  and other  poets. Creation of a large digital library.


    Dissemination of poetry through different medias. Uploading and sharing poetic material from all members.

    Defense of human rights and all forms of life

    Promoting poetic creation from all communities, valuing diversity with an anti-patriarchal and decolonizing vision.