Call For Poetry Actions

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13th July 2023

The poets who are part of The World Poetry Movement, the WPM continental and national coordinations, with determination and energy as we prepare for the momentous occasion of the first historic Congress of the World Poetry Movement set to commence on 13th July 2023 in Medellin.

Extend an invitation to the poets, festivals, and poetry organizations of the world to unite in a great world action poetic and pedagogical, through poetry workshops and poetry readings, artistic activities, concerts and forums to mark the inaugural day of the World Congress in order to call the attention of the world governments about the urgent need to act judiciously to protect the life, dignity, justice, and freedom of the people as a means of realizing the dream of world peace.

1st Congress of the World Poetry Movement

The first Congress of the World Poetry Movement is an unprecedented opportunity to gather as a global community, share our diverse perspectives, and celebrate the profound impact of poetry on our lives and societies. It is a time for reflection, collaboration, and the forging of lasting connections that will shape the future of humanity, by realizing the transformative power of poetry. It is also a defining moment in our shared poetic journey for life, dignity, justice, and world peace.

Now is the time to tell the world that poets and artists are consciously and consistently striving to make this world a better and just place to live in. Our poetic actions and visibility become more meaningful to revive hope of people.

The World Poetry Movement calls upon all poets, poetry festivals, and organizations to join us in mobilizing poetry and pedagogical actions in your respective communities on 13th July 2023 as an act of solidarity to the poetic fraternity and also to send a robust message to the world that the fight for dignity, justice and world peace is growing in all the world.


Declaration of the WPM about genocide in Palestine

The World Poetry Movement follows with indignation the criminal attacks against the Palestinian people by the brutal Zionist occupation, in an atmosphere of blockade exercised by the international media monopolies…