We join the global chorus for life

Internal Structure

World WPM Congress

Discusses and endorses continental reports. Discusses and endorses the General Coordinator’s report on behalf of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC). 

Discusses and endorses WPM’s five-year Strategic Plan, highlighting priorities and central axes of WPM’s work. Elects a General Coordinator and an International Coordinating Committee (ICC). Meets every two years (virtually and/or physically).

International Coordinating Committee (ICC)

Serves as the executive body to make decisions on policy and other management aspects between Congresses and establishes the most important tasks of WPM on a week-to-week basis. Implements the approved Strategic Plan through consensus decisions, which must be followed by the entire WPM. Meets at least every two months. The International Coordinating Committee consists of 22 members elected by Congress through consensus or a slate system, as decided: The International Coordinating Committee must develop an annual implementation schedule, including the thematic focus of poetic actions.

One general coordinator, appointed by Congress through majority or consensus, one member (continental coordinator for Africa), one member (continental coordinator for Asia), one member (continental coordinator for Europe), one member (continental coordinator for America), one member (continental coordinator for Oceania), and 16 additional members (at least 50% women members with continental and linguistic diversity).

Operational Committee (OC)

The Operational Committee is a committee consisting of eight members, acting as a Secretariat, to decide and execute WPM’s daily tasks. It is composed of one general coordinator, five continental coordinators, and two members nominated by the World Poetry Movement Coordinating Committee. Each member of the Operational Committee is responsible for one of the strategic lines of the Work Plan: Poetic actions, pedagogical project, publishing project, communications, organization and management, and human rights.

The Operational Committee decides on the day-to-day affairs of the World Poetry Movement, sets the agenda for the ICC meeting, maintains a constant process of communication and mutual cooperation with the continental chapters and their regional and national coordinators. It meets at least every two weeks. The continental chapters must listen to the guidelines and suggestions of the Coordinating Committee and the Operational Committee in the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Continental and National Coordinations

The WPM Organization Department will address the constitution of national and continental sections, for the realization of different projects and global actions planned. The continental sections will co-ordinate inland deepening of regional work. The national sections will expand the local actions and tasks.

The Organization Department is responsible for the extension of the World Poetry Movement poets and organizations in different countries.

The continental and national coordinators will form a working group in each of their  countries, which will develop all the areas of work presented above (organizationand poetic actions, pedagogy, translations and etitorial, communications and human rights). They will seek to have the widest possible geographic coverage, always ensuring gender equality in the group, a balanced representation of the different languages and ethnic groups of the national territory.

The coordination of each country is autonomous to develop the Movement in the way they consider most appropriate, always under the principles of WPM, cooperation and internal democracy.


In the organizational: building the Movement in each continent and country, inviting poets friends, the best recognized poets, good young poets and poetry activists to be part of WPM. Also working with them developing  the collective actions that, as a national Movement, want to develop, and the periodical world poetic actions convened by WPM CC and/or the Continental Coordination.

The continental and national coordinators are join in a chat where the tasks and growth of the Movement are discussed in a constructive and fraternal manner.

In the publications: the coordinators should gather poems, interviews, articles and news, for the website, and central social networks; or they can delegate this task to a group of poets working. All together shall sharing and interacting with this publication in the WPM’s social media: FB: worldpoetrymovement2011 / TW: WorldPoetryM / IG: worldpoetrymovement”

They also will send material for the periodical publication Poetry Planetariat.