WPM 非洲宣言 ~ 关于促进诗歌和言论自由的决议

我们,非洲诗人,于 2023 年 1 月 21 日至 22 日在世界诗歌运动 (MPM) 的组织下召开了虚拟大会。来自几个非洲国家的诗人、委内瑞拉玻利瓦尔共和国和哥伦比亚共和国政府的代表以及来自亚洲、欧洲、拉丁美洲等其他大陆的协调员出席了会议。在 WPM 协调员和创始人费尔南多-伦登主席的指导下,大会正式开始,四位非洲大陆协调员共同主持,诗人们表达了一致的心声:

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WPM Meeting in Caracas

On 14 October 2022, the first face-to-face and virtual meeting of members of the Coordinating Committee –CC- of WPM in 2022 was held at the Venezuelan Chancellery, with the presence of National Coordinators -NC- of the Movement from 21 countries from different continents.

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Breaking News: Love Not Dead

A powerful new anthology depicting how love over the past two-and-a-half millennia has found its expression in the words of the world’s greatest poets. No, Love is Not

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