Record your action

The World Poetry Movement invites you to generate and participate in poetic actions that highlight the ability of poetry to bridge distances in this time of confinement and unite us, perhaps as never before.

Register your poetic action through the following form so that we can collaborate with its dissemination and reach all the members of our Movement.

Remember to use the hashtag #UnitedThroughPoetry when sharing and publicising your actions on social media.

Generate Actions

Recording poems

Record poems with your mobile device or camera and share it on your social networks, tagging the page @worldpoetrymovement2011, and on our Facebook group.

Virtual recitals

Organise virtual recitals through platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Live or Instagram.

Donate Books

If you are an author or poet, donate and share a digital book or a selection of your poems on social networks.


Prepare talks on topics relevant to poetry on different digital platforms.

Virtual workshops

Organise and gives virtual workshops on poetry, creativity, writing and reading comprehension.


Organise webinars on literature or poetry and share your knowledge.

Share your action

Publish the record of your action by tagging our facebook page @worldpoetrymovement2011.