International Coordinating Committee

Fernando Rendón

Colombian poet, founder and director of the International Poetry Festival of Medellín. 

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General Coordinator of WPM.

Jack Hirschman

Honorary President

American poet and essayist, former director of the San Francisco IFP. He was General Coordinator.


Achour Fenni

Algerian poet, translator and academician. Founding Member of the Association of Algerian Creators since 1992.

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Siphiwe Nzima

She was born in Zimbabwe and has resided in Lesotho. She is a poet, film actress, singer, cultural and human rights activist.

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Ashraf Aboul-Yazid

Egyptian poet, novelist and journalist. He is the acting president of the AJA (Asian Journalists Association).

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Tarek Eltayeb

Egyptian-Sudanese poet, novelist, short story writer, playwright and university professor.

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Chadian poet, philosopher, novelist, essayist, journalist and editor. He has received numerous awards such as the Guillaume Apollinaire.

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Ismaël Diadié Haidara

Poet, historian, philosopher and expert in Malian cooperation. Exiled in Spain. Responsible for the conservation of the Kati Fund.

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Freddy Ñañez

Poet, singer and Venezuelan politician. Sector Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism

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Alex Pausides

Cuban poet, general coordinator of the Havana Poetry Festival and the Sur Editorial Collection.

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Oscar Saavedra Villarroel

Chilean poet, director of the Poetry Schools in Chile.

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Rosa Chávez

Guatemalan poet, actress and cultural manager, belonging to the Maya K’iche and Kaqchiquel peoples.

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Ana María Oviedo

She is poet, musician and Venezuelan cultural trainer and promoter. She coordinator of the World Poetry Festival of Venezuela.

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Maribel Mora Curriao

Poet and researcher of the mapuche people of Chile. She is part of the Advisory Council of the UNESCO of Education and Indigenous and Afro-descendant Peoples in Latin America.

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Rati Saxena

Indian poet and director of the Krytia International Poetry Festival.

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Keshab Sigdel

Nepali poet and writer, member of The World Nation Writer’s Union.

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Vadim Terekhin

Russian poet and co-chairman of the Union of Russian Writers.

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Ali Al Ameri

Jordanian poet, painter and journalist of Palestinian origin. He is Editorial Manager of Publisher Weekly, Arabic edition of PW magazine, published by Sharjah Book Authority in UAE.

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Jidi Majia

Chinese poet, he is currently the Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Minority Writers Association, Chairman of the Poetry Committee of the Chinese Writers Association.

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Hanan Awwad

She is a Palestinian activist, advocate, and poet. She is the president and founder of the Palestine section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

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Sue Zhu

She is poet, artist and organizer of international cultural exchanges.

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Christine Peiying Chen

She is poet, cultural activist, editor-in-chief and executive committee member of NZ Chinese Writers Association.