Coordinating Committee

Jack Hirschman

American poet and essayist, former director of the San Francisco IFP. General Coordinator of WPM.

Fernando Rendón

Colombian poet, founder and director of the International Poetry Festival of Medellín. 

Ataol Behramoglu

Poet, essayist, playwright and university professor of Turkish origin.

Rati Saxena

Indian poet and director of the Krytia International Poetry Festival.

Alex Pausides

Cuban poet, general coordinator of the Havana Poetry Festival.

Francis Combes

French poet, journalist, editor, translator, critic and essayist.

Agneta Falk

Poet, editor, translator and visual artist of Swedish origin.

Jidi Majia

Chinese poet, vice-president of the China Writers Association.

Vadim Terekhin

Russian poet and co-chairman of the Union of Russian Writers.

Zolani Mkiva

South African poet, founder of the Mkiva Humanitarian Foundation

Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Nigerian poet living in Ghana, founder and president of WILPF.

Khalid Raissouni

Moroccan poet, member of the Union of Moroccan Writers.

Keshab Sigdel

Nepali poet and writer, member of The World Nation Writer’s Union.

Christopher Okemwa

Kenyan-born poet, actor, dancer, playwright and short-story writer.

Les Wicks

Australian poet and publisher, author of thirteen books of poetry.

Luis Filipe Sarmento

Portuguese poet, editor and TV producer.

Oscar Saavedra Villarroel

Chilean poet, director of the Poetry Schools in Chile.

Freddy Ñañez

Venezuelan poet and artist. He is currently the Minister of People’s Power for Communication and Information.

Magdalena Camargo Lemieszek

Polish-Panamanian poet, director of 80: ars longa, vita brevis.