06. Rapporteurship July 18th

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Reports made by: Melissa Merlo (WPM Honduras) and Mónica Lucía Suárez (WMP Colombia).

Place: Caracas, Venezuela
Time: 9:00 am to 12m

Fernando Rendón begins the day by indicating that this session will be relevant as the selection of the WPM general coordinator, the international coordinating committee and the WPM operating committee to develop the Strategic Plan approved the day before will be made.

The international coordinating committee will be composed of 23 members, with a world coordinator, all elected by the congress.

The operating committee will be in constant communication with the coordinating committee and will meet every eight to fifteen days.

Some difficulties of the previous committee were expressed, in order to continue growing and not to incur in these situations again: not everyone attended the meetings due to their limited time, so it is important to attend and agree that after a certain number of non-attendance to meetings, the committee will be suspended. Tensions were generated with the previous coordination and there was a moment when it was divided into two groups, one majority and one minority, actions were called and not everyone participated. In Istanbul an attempt was made to solve this situation, but these differences still continue. They can be solved in this Congress, to reach a consensus.

There is a proposed list, but it depends on the Congress will that this list is opened or that some are added or changed.

Rati Saxena proposes that the General Coordinator be Fernando Rendón and by unanimous vote of the Congress he is appointed.

The following single list is presented:



Achour Fenni
Siphiwe Nzima
Ashraf Aboul-Yazid
Ayo Ayoola-Amale


Rati Saxena
Keshab Sigdel
Vadim Terekhin
Ali Al Ameri
Jidi Majia


Francis Combes
Anna Lombardo
Ataol Behramoglu
Sandor Halmosi
Luis Filipe Sarmento


Alex Pausides
Freddy Ñañez
Rosa Chávez
Ana María Oviedo
Oscar Saavedra


Vaughan Rapatahana
Sue Zhu

It is agreed that these committees will be enlarged in each region, the leadership should be broad and democratic.

Luis Filipe proposes Agneta Falk for the international coordinating committee.

Melissa Merlo agrees with the Americas committee.

Khalid Raissouni requests to review the candidacies in Africa, there would be some who should resign from this committee since they have created situations of unrest. They should be dismissed.

Nimrod Bena regrets this situation very much, but when the same person is always attacked, it ends up being negative, he feels that there is a finger-pointing towards the Africans.

Ayo Ayoola asks to refer with respect to his colleagues and that the issues be dealt with directly.

Vadim proposes that Russia is also a large part of Europe, not just Asia, so the more appropriate term would be Eurasian.

Rosa Chávez, representing native peoples, proposes that Maribel Mora also co-coordinate with her for the actions and responsibilities. Maribel expresses that she would have no problem. Regarding the divisions, she considers them pertinent, since geopolitically they sometimes do not respond to poetry.

Claus Ankersen supports the horizontal and democratic structure, he proposes for future congresses voting practices with clearer rules.

Gloria Chvatal clarifies that the list established was made based on an objective analysis of the work of previous years. The vote has not yet been taken.

Nicolas Antonioli allows himself to add a proposal: that in each national commission of America there should be a coordinator of native peoples.

Francis Combes expresses with respect to the general coordinator that nobody would oppose the reelection of Fernando Rendón. The Congress presents a Strategic Plan and the new elections and shows that we have political actions, however, he proposes that we should have more autonomy, a stimulating framework.

Agneta Falk expresses that we are talking about diversity. And speaking of African Americans, it is strange that there is no different representation. Because the movement represents all of us. She suggests that we involve North America otherwise it would not be a global movement.

Achour Fenni salutes the spirit of fraternity and friendship of the founders. The most important thing is the fraternity and representation of cultural regions. He hopes that the ignored cultures will be spread. The criterion is efficiency, those who have been working well should continue, they are a treasure and represent a heritage.

Ana Maria Oviedo yields her place within the International Coordination to Agneta Falk.

The proposal is as follows after the adjustments made:



Achour Fenni (Algeria)
Siphiwe Nzima (Lesotho)
Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (Egypt)
Ayo Ayoola-Amale (Ghana)
Tarek Eltayeb (Sudan)
One more is added: Nimrod (Chad)


Rati Saxena (India)
Keshab Sigdel (Nepal)
Vadim Terekhin (Russia)
Ali Al Ameri (Jordan-Palestine)
Jidi Majia (Popular Republic of China)


Francis Combes (France)
Anna Lombardo (Italy)
Ataol Behramoglu (Turkiye)
Sandor Halmosi (Hungary)
Luis Filipe Sarmento (Portugal)


Alex Pausides (Cuba)
Freddy Ñañez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Rosa Chávez (Maya Nation, Guatemala)- Maribel Mora Curriao (Mapuche Nation, Chile)
Ana María Oviedo (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Oscar Saavedra (Chile)
Agneta Falk (Sweden)


Vaughan Rapatahana (Aotearoa, New Zealand)
Sue Zhu (Australia, China)

With respect to the Operating Committee, it is constituted as follows:


Achour Fenni
Siphiwe Nzima
Rati Saxena
Keshab Sigdel
Francis Combes
Anna Lombardo
Vadim Terekhin
Freddy Ñáñez
Fernando Rendón

Gloria Chvatal is confirmed as WPM Communications Director.

With the approval of the General, International and Operative Committees Coordination by unanimous vote of the delegates from the different countries attending the First WPM Congress, the day is closed.

Declaration of the WPM about genocide in Palestine

The World Poetry Movement follows with indignation the criminal attacks against the Palestinian people by the brutal Zionist occupation, in an atmosphere of blockade exercised by the international media monopolies…