Appeal to act for immediate ceasefire and humanitarian assistance in Gaza

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April 11, 2024.

Honorable President

Joe Biden, President of the United States.
Xi Jinping, President t of China.
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.
Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of England.
Olaf Scholz, Prime Minister of Germany.
Emmanuel Macron, President of France.
Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan.
Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia.
Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico.
Mohamed bin Salman, Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia.
Ali Khamenei, Head of State of Iran.
Michael Higgins, President of Ireland.
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil.
Nicolás Madura (Bolivarian Republiuc of Venezuela)
Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa.
Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain.


We the poets, writers and artists of all nations of the world, are deeply concerned by the barbaric, inhuman and systematic attacks on the people of Palestine in Gaza by the Israeli occupation forces. Media reports and other independent sources have claimed that at least 33,482 Palestinians have been killed and 76,049 wounded since October 7, 2023. Women, children, medical service providers, journalists and humanitarian workers have been indiscriminately targeted. Homes, hospitals, schools and public spaces are demolished, and humanitarian assistance is blocked.

The people of Gaza have become prisoners in their own nation, and are deprived of food, water, shelter and health services. They are denied their basic rights to life and dignity. This act is a clear violation of international human rights and humanitarian laws. It is loud and clear that no countries and territories can be at peace when people in Gaza are subjected to brutal war and historical injustices. Though the United Nations officials also have repeatedly urged for the immediate cessation of this genocidal war, it is very unfortunate that the world governments have failed to make any resolution to this crisis.

As poets, writers, artists and humans, sharing the common home, planet Earth, we have a collective responsibility to bear witness to this heinous crime against humanity. We strongly condemn the atrocities committed by the Israeli forces and appeal that the right to life and dignity of the Palestinian people to be protected by all means and in all circumstances. We maintain that these conflicts should be resolved through peaceful means and mutual dialogues.

We urge that the inhumanity in Gaza must be recognized and the perpetrators must be made accountable. But, as an emergency response, we appeal Your Excellency for your positive action in forging a deal for immediate ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, and in mobilizing the international mechanisms to provide humanitarian reliefs to the people in Gaza.

Warmest Regards


Hanan Awwad (Palestine)
Fernando Rendón (Colombia), WPM President.
Rati Saxena (India)
Alex Pausides (Cuba)
Siphiwe Nzima (Lesotho)
Keshab Sigdel (Nepal)
Freddy Ñáñez (Venezuela)
Ana María Oviedo (Venezuela)
Khalid Rassouni (Morocco)
Zolani Mkiva (South Africa)
Maribel Mora (Chile)
Oscar Saavedra (Chile)
Vadim Terekhim (Russia)
Rosa Chávez (Guatemala)
Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (Egypt)
Sylvie Marie (Belgium)
Achour Fenni (Algeria)
Christine Peiying (New Zealand)
María Ángeles Pérez López (Spain)
Gloria Chvatal (Colombia))
Ali Al Ameri (Jordan)
Saley Boubé Bali (Niger)
Ikhlef Abdelselam (Algeria)
Djamel Belarbi (Algeria)
Nasser Bakria (Algeria)
Mohamed Bouteghane (Algeria)
Ahmed Abdelkrim (Algeria)
Ahcene Douas (Algeria)
Arabi Abdelkader, (Algeria)
Hmida ayachi(Algeria)
Lakhdar Fellous (Algeria)
Bourouis Amar (Algeria)
Zineb Laouedj (Algeria)
Mohammed Boutaghane (Algeria)
Mebsoute Mohamed (Algeria)
Nadia Nouacer (Algeria)
Kadik Mohamed (Algeria)
Mabrouk Bannaoui (Algeria)
Salim Abadou (Algeria)
[Abdelhamid Bourayou (Algeria)
Nicolás Antonioli (Argentina)
Leopoldo Castilla (Argentina)
Gabo Sequeira (Argentina)
Dafne Pidemunt (Argentina)
Alicia Vincenzini (Argentina)
Paula Kersul (Argentina)
Lilah Strack (Argentina)
Hugo Alberto Luna (Argentina)
Silvia Jayo (Argentina)
Claudia Christiansen (Argentina)
Yanina Audisio Jayo (Argentina)
Leandro Frígoli Jayo (Argentina)
Liliana Majic Jayo (Argentina)
Silvia America Mansilla Jayo (Argentina)
Ana Maidana (Argentina)
Arturo Desimone (Aruba)
Quinto Nichoolas (Aruba)
Juan Garrido Salgado (Australia)
Eldar Akhadov (Azerbaijan)
Marion Bethel (Bahamas)
Aminur Rahman (Bangladesh)
Winston Farrell (Barbados)
Kerry Belgrave (Barbados)
Jacinth Howard (Barbados)
Linda Deane (Barbados)
Hermas Gbaguidi (Benin)
Hosheng Ossi (Belgium)
Leonardo Gustavo Ruiz (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Mariana Ruiz Oviedo (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Víelsi Arias (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Pedro Ruiz (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
José Gregorio Vásquez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Venus Ledezma (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Yuri Patiño (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Gregorio González Vivas (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Elí Caicedo Pinto (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Fidel Flores (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Job Jurado Guevara (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Christian Farías (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Azul Urdaneta (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
María Alejandra Rendón (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Rumilda Jiménez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Vanileybi Rivas (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
José Mestre (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Mohamed Hassan (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Ernesto Cañizalez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Eleazar Marín (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Ninfa Monasterios (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Bartolomé Cavallo (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Marcos Veroes (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Rafael Ortega (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Henry Colmenares (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Max Bembo (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Alexis Escalona (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Skarlet Boguier (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
José Gregorio Correa (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Maury Valerio (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Luis Emilio Romero (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Luis Miguel Patiño (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Rodolfo Rodríguez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Luis Velázquez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Mirimarit Paradas (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Gonzalo Insignares (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Ildemaro Rosales (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Raúl García Palma (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Isabel Molina (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Emilys González Ordóñez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Wilmara Borges (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Rubén Darío Roca (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Ramón Ojeda Cruzate (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Fanny Araujo (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Karelia Chávez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
José Ortiz (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Julián Escalona (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Alberto Rodríguez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Keomar Inojosa (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Nancy Caballero (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Miguel Viloria (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Linda Ruiz Terán (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Aquiles Silva (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Marcos González (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
José Pérez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Franklin Fernández (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Clorinda Fuentes (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Jesús Velásquez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Edgar Hernández (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Rodolfo Rodríguez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Gisela Delpino (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela)
Valeria Sandi (Bolivia)
Sulma Montero (Bolivia)
Thiago Ponce de Moraes (Brazil)
Arthur Ledine (Brazil)
Bianca Monteiro Garcia (Brazil)
Carlos Orfeu da Conceição (Brazil)
Juliana Athayde Silva de Morais (Brazil)
Lucas Perito (Brazil)
Tatiana Leal (Brazil)
Geraldine Mpesse (Camerún)
Luis Eduardo Aguilera (Chile)
Cao Shui (China)
Víctor Gaviria (Colombia)
Gabriel Jaime Franco (Colombia)
Rómulo Bustos (Colombia)
Femando Linero (Colombia)
Mónica Lucía Suárez (Colombia)
Luis Eduardo Rendón (Colombia)
Luz Helena Cordero (Colombia)
Julián Conrado (Colombia)
Ronald Cano (Colombia)
Vanessa Torres (Colombia)
Manuela Salinas (Colombia)
Daniel Montoya (Colombia)
Eugenia Sánchez Nieto (Colombia)
Diego Rodríguez Saza (Colombia)
Yesenia Mendez (Colombia)
Yadira Cáceres (Colombia)
Elvira Alejandra Quintero (Colombia)
Álvaro Malenkov Rendón (Colombia)
Lizha Candelo Grueso (Colombia)
Jaime Nevado (Colombia)
Jaime Londoño (Colombia)
Daniela Zapata (Colombia)
Edgar Sandino (Colombia)
María Isabel García Mayorca (Colombia)
Luis Carlos Domínguez (Colombia)
Luz Marina López (Colombia)
Marco Antonio Mejía (Colombia)
Ángela Briceño (Colombia)
Anna Francisca Rodas (Colombia)
Juan Sebastián Sánchez (Colombia)
Andrés Uribe (Colombia)
Francy Liliana Díaz (Colombia)
Bárbara Lins (Colombia)
Angélica Pineda Silva (Colombia)
Rubén Darío Flores (Colombia)
Natalia Montejo (Colombia)
Claudia Chaverra (Colombia)
Edgar Sandino (Colombia)
Natalia Montejo (Colombia)
William Jiménez (Colombia)
Liliana Marentes (Colombia)
Luisa Aguilar (Colombia)
Manuel Pachón (Colombia)
Carlos Fajardo (Colombia)
Carlos Alberto Merchán (Colombia)
Diana Carolina Forero (Colombia)
Amparo Andrade (Colombia)
Fausto Marcelo Ávila (Colombia)
Ana María García (Colombia)
Judith Bautista Fajardo (Colombia)
Janeth Rico (Colombia)
Jenny Cabrera (Colombia)
Inés López Ramírez (Colombia)
Félix Molina-Flórez (Colombia)
Alberto Marrero (Cuba)
Osvaldo Sauma (Costa Rica)
Paola Valverde (Costa Rica)
Omar González Jiménez (Cuba)
Raúl Roa Kouri (Cuba)
Heriberto Feraudy Espino (Cuba)
Karel Leyva Ferrer (Cuba)
Carmen González (Cuba)
Juanita Conejero (Cuba)
Pedro Péglez González (Cuba)
Dimarys Águila (Cuba)
Nevalis Quintana (Cuba)
María de los Ángeles Polo (Cuba)
Lucia Cristina Pérez (Cuba)
Ariel Brooks Espinosa (Cuba)
Cecilia Soto Martinez (Cuba)
Kenia Rodríguez Poulout (Cuba)
Bertha María Gómez (Cuba)
Oscar Oramas Oliva (Cuba)
Jesús Úrsula (Cuba)
Juan Ramírez (Cuba)
Arelys Danger de la Cruz (Cuba)
Reinier del Pino Cejas (Cuba)
Carlos Tablada (Cuba)
Waheed Taweela (Egypt)
Eslam Adelaziz (Egypt)
Nancy Farouk (Egypt)
Mohamed Taha (Egypt)
Salma Mokhtar (Egypt)
Azza Mohamed (Egypt)
Mohamed Yehia (Egypt)
William Alfaro (El Salvador)
Norma Flores Allende (El Salvador)
Richard Berengarten (England)
Robin Ouzman Hislop (England)
Antonio Martínez Arboleda (England)
Diana Bujarrabal (España)
Manuel Palencia (España)
Amparo Arróspide (España)
Olivier Herrera (España)
Antonio M. Avilés (España)
Eladio Méndez (España)
Lola López Martín (España)
Javier Gil Martín (España)
Iosu Moracho (España)
Raquel Ramírez de Arellano (España)
Pedro Enríquez (España)
Santiago Sobrino (España)
Marie-Vida Obeid (España)
Carmen Huete (España)
José María Alfaya (España)
Antonio Cubelos (España)
Alberto Muñoz (España)
Rosario de Gorostegui (España)
Miguel Ángel García González (España)
Nieves Álvarez (España)
Fran Soto (España)
Milagros López (España)
Manuela Temporelli Montiel (España)
Villo Argumánez (España)
Rosana Acquaroni (España)
Gabriel Alejo Jacobkis (España)
Joan de la Vega (España)
Luz Pichel (España)
Alfredo Piquer (España)
Ana Ares (España)
Isabel Miguel (España)
Eva Hiernaux (España)
Esther Veintimilla (España)
Luis Adalid (España)
Mª Cinta Montagut (España)
Raúl Nieto (España)
Nieves Muriel (España)
Ricardo Pochtar (España)
Jesús Ge (España)
Manuel Fabián Trigos Baena (España)
Nacho Escuin (España)
Jorge García Torrego (España)
Cristina Morano (España)
Rafael G. Cáccamo (España)
Andrea Aguirre (España)
Ángeles Fernangómez (España)
Marga Blanco Samos (España)
Gonzalo Escarpa (España)
Silvia Cuevas Morales (España)
Isabel Pose (España)
Pepo Paz Saz (España)
Rocío Ordóñez (España)
Nieves Muñoz (España)
Inma Chacón (España)
Marta Sanz (España)
Amparo Pérez Arróspide (España)
Susana Obrero Tejero (España)
Marisa Bello (España)
Eva Navarro (España)
Arturo Tendero (España)
Philippe Tancelin (France)
Peter Sipeli (Fiji)
Christos Koukis (Greece)
Rudy Alfonzo Gomez Rivas (Guatemala)
Marvin S. García Citalán (Guatemala)
Alexandra Cretté (Guyana)
Michée Dasmar (Haiti)
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Melissa Merlo (Honduras)
Dennis Ávila (Honduras)
Atila Balaz (Hungary)
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Mamang Dai (India)
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Prithviraj Taur (India)
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Sukumaran Chelinga (India)
Durgaprasad Agrawal (India)
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Anand Khatri (India)
Varsh Mirza (India)
Pooja Primvada (India)
Kasturika (India)
Neelotpal (India)
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Sukumaran (India)
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Prithviraj Tore (India)
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Santosh Kumar (India)
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Anwar Suhail (India)
Anupma Tiwari (India)
Uma (India)
Prem (India)
Mohsen Rahjerdi (Iran)
Nahid Kabiri (Iran)
Abdulhadi Sadoun (Irak)
Hatif Janabi (Iraq)
Mohammad Al Aminr (Irak)
Desmond Eagan (Ireland]
Gabriel Rosenstock (Ireland)
Beppe Costa (Italia)
Stefani di Leo (Italia)
Daniela Dante (Italia)
Samuel Dégni (Ivory Coast)
Mohamad Migdady (Jordan)
Altynai Temirova (Kyrgyzstan)
Abdulah Nammour (Lebanon)
Antoine Boulad (Lebanon)
Tristan Cassir (Lebanon)
Rethabile Masilo (Lesotho)
Violet Anderson (Lesotho)
Bahlakoana Mothobi (Lesotho)
Moretlo Likate (Lesotho)
Limpho Thoahlane (Lesotho)
Rethabile Francis (Lesotho)
Likoche Maseru (Lesotho)
Borane Kumi (Lesotho)
Nokukhanya Hatahata Lesotho
Naledi Pashe (Lesotho)
Kabelo Leboli (Lesotho)
Motselisi Hlongwa (Lesotho)
Folatsane Makamane (Lesotho)
Masekake Molapo (Lesotho)
Jeffrey Lebona Mapesela (Lesotho)
Lintle Mahloane (Lesotho)
Thapiwe Nzima (Lesotho)
Kalosi Bantu Ramakhula (Lesotho)
Makhebe Seatlana (Lesotho)
Baatile Makhetha (Lesotho)
Ngakane Bosiu (Lesotho)
Ntsane Gerard Molai (Lesotho)
Mpho Mohapi (Lesotho)
Polly Makotoko (Lesotho)
Kano Lebajoa (Lesotho)
Liatile Mohale (Lesotho)
Lipuo Lelula Maseru (Lesotho)
Relebohile Selebalo (Lesotho)
Tankiso Lizzy Lethibelane(Lesotho)
Lerato Mosollane (Lesotho)
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Thato Rannana (Lesotho)
Pulane Rantho (Lesotho
Maapile Moliepe(Lesotho)
Yolanda Makhetha (Lesotho)
Lesiamo Thatho (Lesotho)
Bahlakoana R Tau (Lesotho)
Tumisang Malope (Lesotho)
Katleho Mohapi (Lesotho)
Portia Ramoloko (Lesotho)
Mpho Sefali (Lesotho)
Sesing Khama (Lesotho)
Hisham Errish (Lybia)
Jean-Luc Raharimanana (Madagascar)
Paul Sezzie (Malawi)
Nicole Cage (Martinique)
Yasmin Alfaro (Mexico)
Chary Gumeta (México)
Juan Schulz (México)
Grissel Gómez Estrada (México)
Yvonne Weekes (Montserrat)
Zelma White (Montserrat)
Mohamed Ahmed Bennis (Morocco)
Mohamed Hajji Mohamed (Morocco)
Mohamed Miloud Gharrafi (Morocco)
Mohammed El Amraoui (Morocco)
Aziz Azrhai (Morocco)
Ikram Abdi (Morocco)
Salah Boussrif (Morocco)
Keamogetsi Joseph Molapong (Namibia)
Adamou Idé (Niger)
Inoussa Maman (Niger)
Abdoul Moumouni (Niger)
Zakariyaou Seybou (Niger)
Fatima Mashoud (Niger)
Iro Salif (Niger)
Chamsou Maiga (Niger)
Abdou Miko (Niger)
Hannu Afere, Nigeria.
Abdullah Habib (Oman)
Ashraf Fayad (Palestine)
Ghadeer Abusneineh (Palestine)
Yousef Abdelaziz (Palestine – Jordan)
Isam Alsadi (Palestine – Jordan)
Nabil Anani (Palestine)
Mónica Laneri (Paraguay)
Onix Fernández Báez (Paraguay)
Miguel Ángel Fernández (Paraguay)
Guido Rodríguez Alcalá (Paraguay)
Eduardo González (Paraguay)
Marta Violeta Garcete (Paraguay)
Ricardo de la Vega (Paraguay)
Carolina Mariana Cáceres (Paraguay)
Charlize Clarke (Paraguay)
Mario Casartelli (Paraguay)
César Aponte (Paraguay)
Proyecto Arcadia (Paraguay)
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Arte Cultura. La Tocatta (Paraguay)
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Sara Schupmann (Paraguay)
Juan Carlos Rojas (Paraguay)
Cala del Puerto (Paraguay)
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Milton Siegfried (Paraguay)
Kalya Luz (Paraguay)
Sofia Barbery (Paraguay)
Rosa Barbery (Paraguay)
Nelly Barbery (Paraguay)
Tury Talavera (Paraguay)
Mariale Enciso (Paraguay)
Sol Barbery (Paraguay)
Enrique Sánchez Hernani (Peru)
James Tian (Philippines)
Francisco Conduto de Pina (Portuguese Guinea)
Soad Alkuwari (Qatar)
Lolita Mongo (Reunion Islands)
Alvinus Melius (Saint Lucia)
Lasana Sekou (Saint Martin)
Fowziyah Abukhalid (Saudi Arabia)
Oumar Farouk Sesay (Sierra Leone)
Shirani Rajapakse (Sri Lanka)
Tarek Eltayeb (Sudan)
Lina Tibi (Syria)
Maram al Masri (Syria)
Abdukakhor Kosim (Republic of Tajikistan)
Patron Henekou (Togo)
Radhouane Ajroudi (Tunisia)
Houda Al Hermi (Tunisia)
Fadıl Oktay (Türkiye)
Metin Cengiz (Turkey)
Matt Sedillo (United States)
Nelson Traba (Uruguay)
Khosiat Rustam (Uzbekistan)
Huu Viet (Vietnam)
Mai Van Phan (Vietnam)
Mohammed Al-Lawzi (Yemen)

Declaration of the WPM about genocide in Palestine

The World Poetry Movement follows with indignation the criminal attacks against the Palestinian people by the brutal Zionist occupation, in an atmosphere of blockade exercised by the international media monopolies…