Declaration of the WPM about genocide in Palestine

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The World Poetry Movement follows with indignation the criminal attacks against the Palestinian people by the brutal Zionist occupation, in an atmosphere of blockade exercised by the international media monopolies, which describe the Palestinian resistance as an escalation, by portraying the victim in the position of the executioner, and presenting the criminal in the image of the victim, to confuse public opinion and wash the conscience of the accomplices, if they had one.

The reasons for the resistance in Palestine these days are the denial of the rights of its people, the siege of Gaza, the daily destruction of their homes, humiliation, preventing them from living in its territory, the deprivation of their most basic freedoms, the dispossession of their properties and the construction of settlements using force with the complicity of governments, mainstream media and the silence of international organizations.

The Palestinians have no choice but to use their right to resist by all means. The pressure exerted by the systematic occupation terrorism generates an explosion. The occupation authorities are solely responsible for the results of the continuous attacks against the Palestinian people and their rights. They also have political and moral responsibility for the blood of the victims of the current violence, and the criminal and complicit silence of the media that are subject to the dominant powers, does not exempt them from these responsibilities.

The World Poetry Movement calls on the free international public opinion, the poets, creators, thinkers and opinion formers of the world to support human conscience against occupation, domination and oppression, and asks them to defend the human being and his dignity.

We urge international agencies to assume their legal and ethical responsibilities and provide protection and justice to the Palestinian people.

World Poetry Movement (WPM) International Coordinating Committee.

October 10, 2023.