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Declaration of the 1st WPM Congress

The First Congress of the World Poetry Movement has just ended, after five days of work in Medellin, Colombia and Caracas, Venezuela.

It brought together, delegates from sixty countries.

Following the continental congresses, the world congress addressed many themes which were the subject of in-depth discussion and consensus.

It adopted a strategic plan for the next five years; he reappointed Fernando Rendon to the post of general coordinator and elected a general coordination of 23 members representing the five continents as well as an operational committee of nine members responsible for ensuring the implementation of the adopted plan.

At the end of this congress, which confirmed and strengthened the unity of the movement, it will work to develop links between poets from all over the world, and its action for poetry. The project of the World Poetic Movement is to contribute to a spiritual revolution, to make the values ​​of peace, cooperation, solidarity and human rights prevail over war, violence, hatred, division, the deadly race for profit and hegemony which leads to the destruction of civilization and life on Earth. Such a revolution cannot be achieved without the creative participation of people and especially of the youth.

We want to live in peace with the planet. We want unity while respecting the diversity of all. And in the coming weeks we will take new initiatives to call on the poets of the world to act together. In the eyes of many, the poetic word seems fragile… But it has the strength of love, beauty and life.

Finally, the delegates addressed their warm thanks to the Colombian and Venezuelan friends who welcomed them.

Declaration of the WPM about genocide in Palestine

The World Poetry Movement follows with indignation the criminal attacks against the Palestinian people by the brutal Zionist occupation, in an atmosphere of blockade exercised by the international media monopolies…