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By Coordinating Committee World Poetry Movement

The last million years of evolution and more than 7,000 years of civilization on Earth have not been enough, for human beings to understand the self-destructive nature of war and plunder, and the fatal consequences of material and spiritual misery. Many rulers have been opposed to building agreements necessary for our species to, and all living forms, we can survive the threat posed by deadly rift. The probability of extinction of all life is not unknown to anyone.

Despite the efforts made in many places, the visible deterioration of nature progresses and the desert slowly invades places populated by fresh and bright vegetation. Animal species are decreasing in number, and many disappear. The deterioration of human life is also evident. Extreme poverty figures are growing, and so are the rates of insufficient of health coverage, education and housing services. Budgets for culture are falling in many countries. The global situation has become more serious due to the effects of the recent pandemic, in a world already inhabited by eight billion people. Faced with this accumulation of problems, originated by capitalism, there is no solution in sight. But we must try everything.

This is a time when the diversity of peoples and ethnicities, beliefs, convictions and genders is recognized, and when the extreme difference between humans becomes more visible, it is necessary for humanity to say enough in its obsessive race towards death. The world is dying. The Earth is reacting to the chaos and throws a constant warning to this species that is facing the mirror of its own end. There is no god that can save us from ourselves.

We cannot continue solving differences by tearing the enemy to pieces.

It is time to return to the time of unity in essential similarities. We must return to a profound thought and action in search of peace and reconciliation, so that the survival of life becomes possible on the planet.

And for this, it will be necessary to appeal to the most forgotten resource: poetry, language and the renewing action of love, which is the restart, the return to the original Earth, the return to the root and the beginning of all living things, discarding the vain illusion of annihilation.

The World Poetry Movement -WPM- calls for its first Congress, to be held in Medellin and Caracas, in July 2023. We are calling all the poets of the world to create committees of the Movement in each country, in each city, in each municipality, in each village, and to bring together artists, thinkers, fighters for the defense of the Earth and life, human rights defenders, pacifists, to unite and fight together, with love and responsibility until recover life, to call the energies of existence to surround and embrace the recovery of the human spirit, of its thirst for living; to unity in the solidarity of social justice fulfilled in the twinning of nations and peoples, of men and women, all made of differences but also of similarities and deep identities.

The World Poetry Movement will develop preparatory congresses in Africa in January, in Asia in February, in March in Europe and in April in Latin America. These congresses will be held virtually and will be organized by the coordinating committees in the various continents.

The unity of the poets and artists of the world, of the progressive and humanist anti-capitalists forces, the immense energies of the planetariat, and the loving and ardent struggle of the peoples will make possible the transformation of this adverse history, from the process of disintegration that we are living, towards the change of life, configuring a higher unity of humanity, to undo again the steps, from death, towards radiant and liberated life.

Declaration of the WPM about genocide in Palestine

The World Poetry Movement follows with indignation the criminal attacks against the Palestinian people by the brutal Zionist occupation, in an atmosphere of blockade exercised by the international media monopolies…