Days of Poetry and Wine

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Days of Poetry and Wine, one of the largest and most recognizable international poetry festival in this part of Europe, successfully unites poetry with enology for the past twentytwo years.

Every year in the last warm August days over twenty poets from all over the world and selected domestic winemakers are hosted at the festival each year. Korean phenomenon Ko Un, American poet C. D. Wright and Swedish nominee for the Nobel Prize Lars Gustafsson are just some of the 500 prominent names of past festivals.

The main emphasis – poetry and wine – is accompanied by a thoughtfully made programme in the field of music, visual, photography, film and other arts for all ages and interests. Ten years ago the festival found its home in Ptuj, a small town in the heart of one of Europe’s most fascinating wine-growing regions, at the crossroad of several cultures.

With its idyllic image it provides an ideal environment for informal and constructive communication between the participants, while its tradition of wine production offers an additional argument for strengthening the poetic dialogue. A dense network of connections established in the past years has served as a basis for many new projects and cooperation.

Since 2014, the Days of Poetry and Wine is a member of the European poetry platform Versopolis, supported by the Creative Europe program. More than 60 festival events are held each year, all of them admission free, and they attract more than 8.000 visitors every year.


Facebook: dnevipoezijeinvina
Aleš Šteger, festival director: [email protected]

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