Report WPM Lebanon

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Rabat, February 15th, 2023

National Coordinator: Antoine Boulad

Lebanon is certainly one of the smallest countries in Asian and among all nations of the world; but not the least important regarding to its cultural history. Since the early years of last century till the beginning of the civil war in 1975, Beirut played an essential role in the rebirth of Arab modern societies. Universities attracting students from all parts of the Middle East, numerous newspapers putting into reality the freedom of speech, publishing houses, democratic life, literature in Arabic, French and English and all aspects of the cultural life…

This is the background; this was the bright flourishing past. Today’s Lebanon after wars situation is terribly dark! Collapsing state, financial, economic, political, and social crises with intercommunity divisions and generalized corruption.

What we fear at the moment in my country is a “migration from life to death”, physically and humanly destruction.

When I shared the World Poetry Movement manifest with some Lebanese poets (the group is already formed by 7 persons, 4 women and 3 men) their immediate understanding of the word peace was the internal integration of all people as citizens of a unified country, sharing a common vison and united destiny, instead of living behind the thick walls of their communities, involved in a violent and scattered nation.

The WPM Lebanese group of poets does not yet exist publicly. this will happen on March 21. We are currently planning to organize a big event on that day which is the “poets’ spring” a French established tradition, celebrating in poetry the beginning of spring.

At that occasion, the word WPM will be spread widely in the media for the first time in Lebanon.

We believe that reaching out the youth and even children should be our target for “migrating backward from death to life”.