Report Lesotho Chapter

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Maseru, January 16th, 2023

National Coordinator: Siphiwe Nzima


The Lesotho Chapter of  the World Poetry Movement is a community of poets, spoken word artists, and supporters who are dedicated to the promotion and celebration of poetry, spoken word, and the power of the written and spoken word to transform lives and communities. We recognize the challenges facing the world today, from the risk of war and nuclear holocaust to the threat of climate catastrophe and growing global inequality. We believe that poetry and spoken word can play a crucial role in addressing these challenges and promoting social justice, and we are committed to using these art forms to inspire, educate, and heal.

As a chapter of the World Poetry Movement, we stand in solidarity with poets and spoken word artists around the globe who are working to create a more just and compassionate world through the power of the written and spoken word. We are committed to building bridges and fostering connections between poets and creative artists and to promoting the exchange of ideas, skills, experiences, and perspectives.

In Lesotho, we are dedicated to building a vibrant, inclusive and supportive creative space and to foster the growth and success of the local poetry and spoken word scene. We believe that by creating opportunities for poets and spoken word artists to come together and share their work, we can create a sense of connection and belonging, and help to nurture and support the development of new talent.

We are also committed to using the power of the written and spoken word to create social change and to raise awareness and understanding of the issues that matter most to ourselves and our communities. We believe that by promoting poetry and spoken word, we can inspire others to engage with these art forms, and to use their own voices to advocate for justice, equality, and compassion.

Mission Statement:

The World Poetry Movement Lesotho Chapter is committed to fostering the growth and development of spoken w

ord and poetry in Lesotho as a means of self-expression, social change, and cultural understanding. W

e strive to provide poets with opportunities to share their work, connect with others, and grow as artists through a variety of activities and


 events in alignment with the World Poetry Movement mission.


1. Host at least 12 monthly poetry sessions and open mic nights in 2023 to provide regular performance opportunities for local poets.

2. Collaborate with a minimum of 6 local schools (primary and high schools) in 2023 to bring educational workshops on spoken poetry to students, encouraging the use of poetry as a tool for self-expression and social change.

3. Produce an end of year book and audio recording collection anthology featuring the work of at least 20 local poets in 2023 and distribute it to a minimum 10 schools as an educational resource.

4. Plan and host a successful end of year festival in 2023 featuring spoken poetry performances, workshops, and other activities that celebrates the work of local poets and the growth of the movement.

5. Increase the chapter’s social media following by at least 50% in 2023 through regular engagement and promotion of events and activities.

6. Seek local and international collaborations/partnerships to further the chapter’s goals and increase its footprint within and around Lesotho.

7. Establish a monthly podcast featuring local spoken poets and discussions on the spoken poetry scene in Lesotho.

Lesotho Chapter Steering Committee

The ‘steering committee’, is made up of poets and creative who are passionate about transforming lives and communities. They work together to ensure that activities and events are aligned with our goals, and to support the growth and success of the chapter, its goals & the local poetry scene, and to strengthen both local and international collaborations/partnerships going forward.

Mahali Kane.

Chapter Treasurer (Finance & Accounts), responsible for managing the chapter’s finances, including budgeting, tracking expenses, and reporting on the chapter’s financial health.





Bubu Ndziba.

Chapter Events & Community Outreach Lead, responsible for organizing and leading events and activities for the chapter, as well as building relationships with the local community, local and international organizations.





Fungurani Innocent (Ansa).

Chapter Secretary, Marketing & Communications Lead, for managing the chapter’s documents and records, communications and administration.





Siphiwe Nzima.

The Chapter Chair, responsible for leading the steering committee, guiding the direction and operations of the Lesotho Chapter.





Lebohang Mohapi.

Chapter Education & Research Officer, responsible for organizing and leading educational workshops and events for the chapter, as well as conducting research to support the chapter’s activities and goals.





Rethabile Masilo.

Vice Chair and Patron, responsible for co-leading the steering committee in the Chapter Chair’s absence and with operations.





As the Lesotho chapter is currently in its infancy, it would be remiss to not recognize the need from the better established chapters/committees in Africa to assist, guide and collaborate with, so that we may grow as one in word and intentions.