WPM Manifesto

From prehistoric times poetry has shaken, freed and transformed the awareness, sensitivity and feelings of mankind.

Each poet has a different conception of poetry, a poetic thought on reality, singular and moving.

While some cultures have room for skepticism or nihilism, in other territories poetry is a living hope.

The mythic poetry of the primitive peoples expresses the clans’ intermingling with the Earth’s energies and the elements.
Poetry lives in ceremonial songs of the ancient peoples, with traditions that survive the dark times.

The cardinal interests of poetry are the interests of life itself preserves the memory of humankind’s ancestral roots and feeds the resistance in the current times of oppression.

Poetry encourages a vision of the future, where life, without hesitation, will transcend a history of wars, massacres, looting, and the material, cultural and spiritual destitution of hundreds of millions of humans, the victims of unrest and hopelessness.

No system of ideas in the past has given enduring happiness to humans.

Capitalism is on its way to extinguishing life on Earth.

Millions of humans die of hunger and thirst; hundreds of thousands die of old diseases that can be cured or virus incubated in laboratories; hundreds of thousands of bombs are dropped on millions of innocent.

Wars are nothing that which an investment that seeks greater profits, destroying peoples, cultures and languages. We declare ourselves in defense of every language and every culture, and against the unipolar culture that annihilates regional identities.

WPM condemns the world plutocrats who sleep in the same bed with governments. Their economic policy is a disaster. Real democracy should fight plutocracy; and the thousands of poets of the World Poetry Movement cry out for permanent separation between markets and the governments, for there to be economic development and real democracy in the world. Democracy is not merchandise and economic development should not be led by speculative markets

The same interests that produce weapons, bombs, tanks, viruses and loan sharking, control the publishing world, and trying to suppress the voice and songs of humanity.

Poetry, opening the way for deep changes in individuals, is also the voice of the great historical changes, of social, spiritual and cultural revolutions, of the deep shivers of the peoples.

Despite it being usually thought that poetry is the result of solitary poets’ extreme experiences (because creative writing almost always takes place in times of extreme loneliness), poetry is deeply connected to the wide leaps of collective awareness.

A people are nourished, rebel and stand in communion with poetry. Poetry is the voice of a new history, the language of a new life. The history of poetry is the history of spiritual human adventure, its proof and its unconquerable mark.

The history of the most emblematic poets of all times, in all cultures, is the legend of the great dreamed utopias, of the deep intuition of superior humankind, reborn from kinds of death.

In parallel to the abysmal vision of the decadent present, we perceive the blossoming of a poetic universe in expansion – new poetic galaxies open to our understanding.

Hundreds of international poetry festivals, schools and workshops, digital and print publications, poetry groups and circles are arising.

WPM has arisen to contribute to connect the Earth’s poets and poetry organizations.

Only the individual and collective creation of a new solidarity and brotherhood language and an international movement of poets and artists, inserted in the intense movement of history, can accompany and enhance the project life on Earth.

Our call to World Poetry Revolution due to internal and ancestral thrill, seeking the transformation of a collective consciousness, towards a more fraternal and united, spiritual and engaged humanity in the acts.

These are the clear targets of the World Poetry Movement, the fruit of the dynamic interaction of poets and national and international poetry organizations and of different visions and poetic thoughts.

We summon you to materialize and spiritualize the invincible dream of life’s spring, through a World Poetry Revolution.
We should be extremely careful of the tender roots that nourish the trunk, flowers and fruits of giant Tree of the emancipating spiritual thought encouraged by poetry. The poets have the obligation to fulfill the task and our mission to free the last territory of the human soil.

Humankind has lost its original path and become sick in its rarified individualism – and poetry is all the health it needs.

Poetry can and should be made by all. When the poetic thought is expressed on your lips, on everyone’s lips, and reaches the world’s ears, that will be the fruit of a world poetry revolution – the world will have changed and Earth will give its fruits to everyone.

A powerful voice arising from an active spiritual combustion, expressed in the voice of hundreds of millions of human beings, can stop the fall and resume our species’ flight towards a new, beautiful, lofty, dignified, and democratic life, in harmony with the laws of Nature, in a new human society.