Action Plan for the WPM Europe of the Congress

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March 30th, 2023

We can show and feel “that another world exists but that it is in this one”, as Paul Eluard said.

Our raison d’être is to promote and share as widely as we can, in society and among young people, the taste for poetry. We can show and feel “that another world exists but that it is in this one”, as Paul Eluard said. A world that would not be based on competition, greed, violence and hatred, but on cooperation, friendship, love of life, sharing beauty. From our discussion I retained the following ideas and I make ten proposals:

1- to pursue and develop between us the exchange and the translation of poems, good poems, poems that we like, to share our passion for poetry. We can do it without a specific theme, because the best thing is to leave the greatest freedom to everyone’s imagination.

We will strive to distribute them as widely as possible, to say them in readings, at poetry festivals, to publish them on our Facebook pages, on social networks, to print them in books, magazines, on posters…

2 – in several countries, we have created collections of books dedicated to poets of the world. We can develop and expand this translation and editing program.

3 – We have created, with the help of Pedro Enriquez, a new Youtube channel, WPMPoetas. We need to bring it to life and make it known by subscribing to it and developing the number of subscribers.

4 – among the ideas put forward, there is that of Gerry Loose which I propose to take up: embark on the writing of a “Poem without borders”, a collective and multilingual poem, to which everyone can contribute… it’s up to him write the first three verses and send them to us…

5 – We can spread poetry in the public space. Including with posters. We could take up the experience launched in France, which Alexis Bernaut told us about, of a poetic campaign on the theme: “We are the people of the world” with poems coming not only from Europe but from the four corners of the Globe… Just like the inhabitants of our cities and this people, a multicolored mosaic, is virtually the one who holds the destiny of the planet in their hands.

6 – Alberto Pereira from Portugal, suggested that poets plant trees on Arbor Day which is also Poetry Day. It would be a strong symbolic gesture, accompanied by poems, to express our commitment to action for the planet and for the preservation of life on Earth. And that poets are there to sow seeds…

7 – On Luis Sarmento’s proposal, we plan to hold a Congress, which would also be a festival, next October, in the Portuguese town of Belmonte. We could perhaps baptize this meeting: “Liberté sur parole”, to say both that poetry is free speech and that we are fighting for freedom. 

8– We will continue and amplify our action entitled “Global Chain of Poems for Peace”, because unfortunately, this action is more necessary than ever. Friends have appealed to poets for peace (in italy, in France). We can amplify them, address the governments of our countries and the media. As part of this action for peace in Europe and against the risk of a Third World War, I propose that we hold a European Congress of Writers and Poets for Peace next May in Paris.

10 – Finally, we will continue to act for the release of imprisoned poets who are prevented from expressing themselves. This action will consist in making their situation known, and in translating and distributing their poems. We can also, as we have begun to do for Ilhan Sami Comak, send letter-poems to these poets to show them our solidarity.