Poemas de Layla Al-Sayed

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(Bahrain, 1967)

Translated by: Husain Alsalmi

Born in Kingdom of Bahrain (In Toobly Village) on 12 December 1967. Now I live in Bahrain – Alnasfa Village. She is teacher of Arabic at the Ministry of Education in Bahrain, member within the Circle of Bahrain Writers and Editors. She has published seven poetry books since 2003. One of her poetry books was published in English, Spanish and Deutsch languages could (Who Inherits The Smile Of Me) published in 2005 before she travel to Colombia to attend International Poetry Festival of Medellin.

Many of her pomes has been translated and published in several language (ex. English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Dutch and Swedish).

Corners of a Peregrination

Give me leeway
Wherein I live off
The pleasure of childhood
And the embrace of peregrination

Spread out the palm of time
And await me

Set me free
To the wind
I solicit the mornings
Of language
And the gossips of the coffee shop

Going lengths
In time
And love

My vessels are sweating
My sun is melting away
Into a honey spittle

The kiss of time
Takes me aback
The moon is behind me
His breaths
Slacken the memory of mine
How have I come?
What have I come for?

To you I fashion
Half a cloud
And half a gull
He dives into a spot of rain
He sketches a wing
Out of my ribs
I become a cloud
I turn into a raining spot
The corners of a peregrination

My garments are in flames
In Amman

I come
Into the intimacy of Amman
She distances me from sea smell
And the sway of stone

The Mount of Louibda
Pens me down
Into the speech of strollers
And props
The body of the smile of mine
Against the walls of his
He carves her into
A woman
The pulse of her anger
And the nectar of her days.

Declaración de WPM acerca del genocidio en Palestina

El Movimiento Poético Mundial sigue con indignación los criminales ataques contra el pueblo palestino por parte de la brutal ocupación sionista, en un ambiente de bloqueo ejercido por los monopolios mediáticos internacionales…