The World Poetry Movement is a confluence of organizations, projects and creators of poetry in the world, it is a movement without borders that seeks cooperation, exchange, and the amalgamation of simultaneous poetic activities in the world, for humanist causes that bring us closer and contribute to promote a greater influence of the language of poetry in the human spirit. Therefore, this place is not only a page to publish poetry, ours or other poets’, but also to organize and act.
We call on everyone to organize poetry readings with friends, with other poets, in their cities and countries, in person or virtually, to celebrate an event such as the Carnation Revolution in Portugal on 25 April 1974, when the people of that country took to the streets and placed red carnations in the barrels of the troops’ rifles and the barrels of the tanks, in the midst of a general uprising, which put an end to the fascist dictatorship.
The Carnation Revolution triggered the liberation of the peoples of Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde.
Under the emblem of Red Carnations for all the Peoples of the World, the World Poetry Movement calls on all its members, and the poets of the Earth, to join this new planetary poetic action, which complements the growing boundless action of poetry everywhere, in the midst of the pandemic and the current crisis.
It will be especially valuable for everyone to publish their actions on these pages, supported by photographs and videos, and also to record their own poems directly on their mobile phones, adding to this call. You can tag the WPM Facebook @worlpoetrymovement2011  and use the hashtag  #redcarnationsforallpeoples

Poetry calls to take to the streets and squares en masse to listen to the songs that flow in hundreds of places across the Earth, noting that the world is one: Humanity is the sister, torture and suffering is global, and poetry that contributes to mobilize the people it is also a medicine that mitigates pain.