We join the global chorus for life

Mision, Vision, Principles

  • Mision

    Contribute through globalization and performing of poetic actions in the construction of a new humanism, promoting, permanently, intercultural dialogue,  reconciled with nature and aware of sense of justice and social inclusion. 

  • Mision

    WPM acts for the preservation of life on land, unity of action of the festivals in the world with poetic projects and related acting on principles and values, world peace and the right to beauty, justice and truth for all human beings.

  • Vision

    Positioned and consolidated with a number of partners including the International Poetry Festivals, Schools of Poetry, poets and poetic projects of influence in the social, cultural, educational and media areas.

  • Vision

    To have strong influenced, through its members and allies, in wide number of people on five continents, which are active and participatory audiences at festivals and international events.

  • Principles

    We express the urgent need for solidarity and brotherhood among peoples.

    WPM work to promote, extend and strengthen intercultural dialogue and the inclusion of ethnic minorities.

  • Principles

    We recognize the challenges facing humanity in the degradation of nature and life on earth and we believe that poetry can help create a global awareness of this grave danger hovering over mankind and his world.

    We recognize fully the difference and diversity of poetic traditions, and respect the spiritual and cultural dynamics and strategies of each one of the festivals that enrich it.

  • Principles

    The World Poetry Movement bases its poetic essence on actions that contribute to positively transform the spiritual insecurity in which humanity has sunk. Respect for life, diversity and the difference between humans, and pure love and respect for nature.

  • Principles

    International poetry festivals are a possibility for citizen participation in poetry and poets in their utopian aspiration to change the lives of thousands of men and women on the planet.

  • Principles

    The certainty that poetry and poets deeply sympathize with the millions of men and women who are experiencing serious problems and deficiencies in the world and we must fight, in our language and our ability to share, for the urgent change worldwide.

    Internal Structure

    Coordinating Committee -CC-

    Co-ordinating Committee deals with deepening and preserving the work of organizing the World Poetry Movement in relation to their own growth, to the inclusion of all international poetry festivals in the world and the establishment of new international poetry festivals in cities and countries where they don’t exist, keeping alive the connection and communication between the festivals, feeding the database of poets, poetry projects and translations of poetry; managing resources, structuring international and domestic relations towards the expansion of WPM, and coordinating the overall poetic actions to ensure achievement of its strategic goals and objectives.

    The meetings of the Co-ordinating Committee of WPM occur every 15 days on time, and its members communicate  from theur different cities of the world to check the compliance and control requirements of the tasks of the worrk plan.

    The Co-ordinating Committee is on track to create Departments for Organization, Finances, Communications, Education, Publications and Translations.

    These departments will be set up by poets and members of the WPM of different nationalities and will communicate via chat, and meetings, whenever necessary.

    National Coordinations

    The WPM Organization Department will address the constitution of national and continental sections, for the realization of different projects and global actions planned. The continental sections will co-ordinate inland deepening of regional work. The national sections will expand the local actions and tasks.

    The Organization Department is responsible for the extension of the World Poetry Movement poets and organizations in different countries.

    The national coordinators will form a working group in each of their  countries, which will develop all the areas of work presented above (finance, organization, communications, pedagogy, and translations), and will seek to have the widest possible geographic coverage, always ensuring gender equality in the group, a balanced representation of the different languages and ethnic groups of the national territory.

    The coordination of each country is autonomous to develop the Movement in the way they consider most appropriate, always under the principles of cooperation and internal democracy.


    In the organizational: building the Movement in each country, inviting poets friends, the best recognized poets, good young poets and poetry activists to be part of WPM. Also working with them developing  the collective actions that, as a national Movement, want to develop, and the periodical world poetic actions convened by WPM CC and/or the Continental Coordination.

    The national coordinators are join in a chat where the tasks and growth of the Movement are discussed in a constructive and fraternal manner.

    In the publications: the national coordinators can gather poems, interviews, articles and news, for the website, and central social networks; or they can delegate this task to a group of poets working. All together shall sharing and interacting with this publication in the WPM’s social media: FB: worldpoetrymovement2011 / TW: WorldPoetryM / IG: worldpoetrymovement”

    They also will send material for the periodical publication Poetry Planetariat.